What’s in a name? My name: Houry

Most of the Armenian names have a profound meaning. We have a history for over 5000 years. Many times I have been asked how my name is pronounced and what it means. Here is a little explanation; I use y instead of i just because I like the flow of the writing and because it’s a proper name. I wanted to differentiate it from common words.

Houry, my name, is pronounced: H-oo-r-ee. ou=oo as in room; y=ee as in meet.

Here is a little explanation of what it means:

  • The Armenians were called Hurrians from the Armenian word Hur/Hurri meaning Fire/Divine Spark and are mentioned by Assyrian and Armenic Sumerian sources dating from the end of the third millenium BC. In Armenian the word Hurri/Hur is also a variant of Ar/Har/Hur linking Hurrian-Aryan-Armenian. We also know that these Armenian Hurri tribes come from the region of Lake Van in the Armenian Highland, and are referred to as Horrittes by the Bible. Still, later in the ninth-seventh centuries N.C. the Armenian (Hurrian-Aryan-Armenian) people established the kingdom of Ararad in the Armenian Highlands.

(excerpt from Wiki)


~ by Houry on January 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “What’s in a name? My name: Houry”

  1. Thanks for the meaning and pronunciation of your name! I will now need to recondition myself into the proper Armenian way of saying ‘Houry’. A beautiful name. I’m loving what you’re doing with your blog!!

  2. Wonderful, thank you for teaching me how to say your name. I will now try to teach you mine.. hmmm well my name is Ragna.. do you remember that spidermovie.. arachnaphobia.. well.. my name is pronounced like the first part.. arachna.. but since you are my friend.. you can call my spiderwoman;) thanks for the link:) xxx

  3. Hi Houry

    Kala from Flickr here. I am glad I know how to pronounce your name now. All the best with your blog, I’ll be visiting again 🙂

  4. Hey Houry!! Ive said it the right way haha! Wow, you have the coolest name! The info was very intresting, its great to get to know you a little better. The blog is looking good, I will be back to see what is going on here. Goodluck!!

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