Ariston Floral Boutique

(Houry Photography)

Like yesterday, today I didn’t feel like much photographing!! Something real unusual for me, usually I can’t wait to get out camera in hand and take a snap.

While in the elevator, I remembered that one time I had walked in a nice floral boutique and the gentleman had let me take some shots of the beautiful flowers!! But how much of the same can I photograph?  and where was that boutique? I guess I was hoping for rejection and felt better that it wasn’t really my disposition of taking picture but the florist fault, smiled to myself on this crazy thought and went for looking the specific boutique.

Found it!!! Meet Alexandros, ha!!

He walks towards me and says with a smile: “How can I help you?”.  I said: ” Do you think I can take some shots of your beautiful flowers? I promise I won’t take any shots of the arrangements!!”  He asked me where I was from, I said I am Armenian, I guess my accent gave me away, hahaha, I found out he was Greek!! He said go ahead, sure, but just flowers no arrangements, please!!

While taking my shots, we chatted me shooting, he working!! He was very skilled and designing gorgeous arrangements with tulips, orchids, hydrangeas, luscious green leaves, gorgeous roses, the most beautiful Gerbera daisies and Cala Lilies!!!

Alexandros was born in Greece and from young age came to the US. Went to high school and didn’t want to pride by asking if he went to college or not.  He started this business 40 years ago.  Got married and has three children and he turned his business into family business.  This particular boutique, in Midtown Manhattan, is  his second location that he started three years ago; the first one is/was located in Downtown Manhattan.

His nephew, Theo, is working with him too.  In this store, three more employees and all working together in harmony.  You could sense that Alexandros is a good man, another gentleman was there too and I guess Alexandros younger brother.

Mostly the Ariston Floral Boutique does business with corporate accounts, hotels, banquets and weddings. They don’t mind walk-ins.

They helped me out with the name of some plants and branches full of buds and and few blooms.

(Houry Photography: Quince blooms)

I thanked them for their time, help, kindness and hospitality!! Tomorrow, I’ll surprise them with some coffee and donuts. They deserve that, don’t you think!!

Here is the site link if interested: Ariston Floral Boutique

(Photographs: Houry Photography)


~ by Houry on January 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ariston Floral Boutique”

  1. Wonderful to meet Alexandros! And how kind of him let you take photos and help you with the names of plants. I have been around flowers most of my adult life. I spent a good many years in retail nursery sales. One thing about selling flowers–most people buy them to make themselves or someone else feel good. I’m sure Alexandros was most pleased with your interest. Coffee and donuts sounds like a great ‘thank you’.

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  3. I love that image of quince blooming. Great blog Houry!

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