And Now, the Sundays Funnies, June 27, 2010

Animal Thoughts – Enjoy!!

There’s a hare in my food.

Pig: “Mad Cow?  – Cow: Swine Flu?

I hope that fireman asks her out soon. This is
getting old!!

I sez enuff witf da blonde jokes!!

Fish pee in there you know!

Dog: What’s the Password?
Cat:  “let me in or I’ll shred your Face?”
Dog: That’ll work.

Not funny! Where did you  bury the house?!

Frank, can we please stop and ask for directions..

Left one: you know she is getting her new glasses this week.

Right one: Be quiet and Meow, will ya!!

For the last time, we are NOT there yet!!

Flying one:  I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you!
Yelling one: Knock it off!!

I fail to see how 350 of us are going to fit in here!!

Left: Honey, did you let the cat in last night?
Right: No, I thought you did.


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